Frequently asked questions

What is OGSOSA?

– OGSOSA stands for Odighi Grammar School Old Student Association. It’s an association formed to bring together all the school’s old students from within Nigeria and anywhere in the world. And since its formation, we have connected hundreds of old students bringing back memories. However, during this period, we learnt sadly about the demise of the school and its total disrepair. Hence, we are doing our best to raise funds to rebuild the school.

How do you make sure OGSOSA spend my gifts wisely?

– OGSOSA will ensure that all your gifts and donations are spent wisely by using all proceeds for the worthy cause of rebuilding the school. We will ensure that not a penny is misused.

How do you know which children need help?

– We want to rebuild the school into a Technical and Vocational College, which will help all the children achieve their aim and objectives. However, we also know that not all children are academic. Therefore, the new college will allow non-academic children to attend technical or vocational courses.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

– If you’re in the U.S., yes, you can. We don’t believe it’s deductible anywhere else. However, please check your country’s donation rules and regulations.

Where does my money go?

– All your donations will go directly to the OGSOSA bank account, from where we will begin to spend to start the rebuilding process. Depending on how much will collect will make the rebuilding go quicker and will take a short time to complete.

How did you choose the location to build the school?

– Our old, dilapidated school building exists on the old school ground. Although the school buildings have all completely broken down and there are some remnants of old classroom blocks still standing but completely unusable. We want to rebuild the entire school using the old school ground.

What percentage of my donation goes towards programs?

– Everything, but the first thing first is to rebuild the school. Then, once the school building stands, we determine how to allocate funding for each programme. Finally, we will dedicate all donations to the building and the school’s Enlightenment programmes.


What's your goal?

– Our goal is to raise $1,000000 to rebuild the school and programming, including OGSOSA medical centre for students, fencing the school, borehole and Electricity.