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Where it all began

How are We?

We are all doing just fine!

We are Odighi Grammar School Old Students Association (OGSOSA). We’re ex-students of Odighi Grammar School (OGS). OGS is a prestigious School established in the seventies in Odighi, Ovia Northeast Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria, which attracted students aspiring for secondary school education in the seventies and eighties.

This great citadel of learning is a mother of many heroes and heroines doing well in several fields today. But alas! The majority of buildings now lie in ruin!” Nevertheless, OGS was a school to behold, and we enjoyed the Alma Marta all those years ago. Our experiences were different; however, the school’s uniqueness is the common thread that runs through everyone. It offers a varying degree of independence to our learning experiences. Although most of the buildings are gone, the revival of those still standing has started.

We believe passionately in the education of Nigerian children but particularly in giving them the technical skills and ability to develop their ideas to enhance their future.

We need your help rebuilding the school into a Technical and Vocational College. We strongly believe that the next generation of Nigerian children should be proficient at having skills and technical ability to develop themselves and enhance Nigeria’s development.


Our Value


Tackling inequality in education is our primary concern. We want to root out the disparity and ensure that Odighi Grammar school has exemplary quality. Your donations will make this possible.


Help to rebuild OGS and give the children a place to educate for a better tomorrow. Share your fundraiser with friends, family, and colleagues. Let everyone know you believe in the power of education.  Please support our project. We need you.

Build a Future

To Provide a broadly based, relevant, creative future that meets the needs of individual children no matter where they might be and helps them navigate and contribute to society.


Where the money goes?

All your donations will go directly to the OGSOSA bank account, from where we will begin to spend to start the rebuilding process. Depending on how much we collect will make the rebuilding go quicker and will take a short time to complete.

Please find out more about how Friends of OGS works hard to ensure that your donations are used to deliver the most pressing need to rebuild Odighi Grammar School.

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Help to rebuild OGS and give the children a place to educate for a better tomorrow.
Support our projects… We need you.